Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sweet Tooth!

Well Happy Wednesday!!!!

  From Millan.Net

So I saw that today is called National Apple Dumpling Day....and in honor of sweets everywhere..... because I seriously DO love my sweets..... I thought a SWEET challenge would be fun!!!!!

How about a PINK cupcake??  Yes....of course it's pink!  ;)  This cutie is from Beth's set Keep Calm.  Such a fun little stamp set!!!  And Pure Luxury White and Bubblegum Pink cardstock  And I made this card for a friend (Janeen) and so I had to make it pink so she'd know it was from me! LOL I love Spellbinders Dies for making shaped cards...makes it so easy!!  And bling...you KNOW I had to add bling!!!

So....come on now...play along by making a card or project using something SWEET!!!  Your choice as to what and how you want to use it!!  And because it's a sweet challenge....I have a special prize.  Can you guess?  Shall I tell you?  Hmm.....well.....ok.....

A $25 gift card to Starbucks!!!!  Now this is my own prize I'm giving...if you don't like/want/have a Starbucks I'm not offering an alternate prize. 

Some quick reminders:

-Please create a new card/project for each challenge.

-You may use any vendors/products.

-Our challenges may be combined with up to 4 other challenges, so to be eligible for any prizes and Pinning to our Pinterest Board, you can have a total of 5 challenges you've entered. We rely on the honor system so please be honest.

~ Lee ~



  1. I need to squeeze this SWEET challenge into my schedule!! :)

  2. Hi, Lee! What are you and Karen up to :* This IS sweet! How I love all of your bling and the SB design for the card. Your colors are marvy and the gift is perfect - sweets from Starbuck's ♥

  3. This is so sweet… LOL. I love this card, and your challenge. :)

  4. Thanks for the fun challenge - who doesn't like sweets? Seriously?!! Pretty card Lee, love the fancy frame!

  5. Wonderful card Lee, love the "Pink"! A very fun challenge and a Starbucks gift card to the lucky winner...perfect!

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