Kitchen Sink Stamps

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"Why is it called Kitchen Sink Stamps?"
In the spring of 2007, it all started in a Southern California home, in the kitchen (and sink) of Maria & Jim Colosimo, the founders and owners of Kitchen Sink Stamps, Inc.

It began after Maria spent endless hours scouring the web and local stamp & craft shops trying to find stamps that seemed to only exist in her head. So with her husband’s full support, it was time for her to put those ideas into making her own rubber stamps. 

Maria’s first homemade photopolymer stamps were made using a pink photopolymer resin gel pack, a negative of her stamp design and a black light. The production took place in their mudroom off the kitchen. The final stage in making these stamps is to rinse away the unexposed resin with water ... so where better, but in the Kitchen Sink. Before the couple knew it, friends were putting in their requests for stamps too ... this is how Kitchen Sink Stamps was born. 

It could be said that the genesis for Kitchen Sink Stamps started much, much earlier than 2007. Maria followed in the footsteps of her father and grandfather, as she became a third generation artist. The couple would meet in college while both studying Graphic Arts. Maria and Jim’s career paths would cross several times where they worked together for several different companies varying from a silk screen shop to The Walt Disney Co. 

Maria spent over 15 years in the music industry working for companies such as Warner Bros. Records, Geffen Records and Hollywood Records. This experience made Kitchen Sink Stamps a natural step for her with the design, production, packaging and advertising of the stamps. While Jim’s graphic design lead him to work for The Disney Channel Magazine, Private Music, Disney Consumer Products and Bakersman Productions (a technology enterprise specializing in web development) would all, along with his savvy financial skills, come into play when setting up the website & online store. 

Now, Kitchen Sink Stamps, Inc. has over 100 stamps sets to offer the public, while continu- ing to have new releases. Still a home based, family run operation, Maria and Jim run the business together (sometimes along with the help from their two young sons and friends lending an extra helping hand). They are thrilled to be apart of the paper craft commu- nity, sharing their enthusiasm with fellow stampers, scrap bookers and paper crafters from around the world. 

That is how Kitchen Sink Stamps was born... bringing light to the statement Walt Disney once made ... “All your dreams can come true if you only have the courage to pursue them.”
So, Maria & Jim invite you to join them in their “Kitchen”, where there are no dirty dishes in this Sink ... just fun & creativity! 


  1. I just visited the KSS cite for the first time and got hooked watching the videos. Though I love to color I am not very good at it so these step stamps are perfect for me. There are soooo many fabulous designs and they are perfect for creating several cards for a gift set.

  2. This you tube video is really interesting and creative....
    I have nothing to say :(
    I just wish for the artiest so that he can go ahead....
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  3. you writes informative blog. love it.